Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bonus Week Eleven

You have two this week!

  1. At the end of last night's episode, the teams ended in Lake Bennett, Australia. From the beginning of the season until now, How Many Miles have the teams traveled? I will accept answers + / - 2500 of what I come up with. (40 points)
  2. Either to me via email or as comment on this, if you could say one sentence to one of the racers (or the team), what would you say? Messages will be delivered directly to the racers by me when I am in New York for the Amazing Race official finale party with all the racers and Phil! I kid you not. (5 points per message) I urge you to be witty, funny, snarky, whatever you want.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To BJ & Tyler,
I don't think anyone has ever enjoyed the race more than you two - we have enjoyed watching you two just have fun and not get nasty with the other contestants - sure hope you win!

Linda & Mark Daley

4:41 PM


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